About Us

CryptoTrader.TV is primarily a video aggregator site to bring you the best videos on crypto, crypto price action, predictions, news and events every week. The content is curated to ensure that it is informative and valuable.

The purpose of the site is to provide up to date links to video content provided by the top channels in the crypto currency space so that you can go to a single site to get the latest information and stay on top of this rapidly changing cryptoverse.

The site creators are traders and vested in cryptocurrency so you will get a curated list of informative content.

There is no automated content aggregation on the site. All content is screened to ensure it is legitimate and does not contain any scams.

There are no affiliate links or advertising on this site. There may be such content in future, but at present the site is geared to provide content without generating any revenue.

There is no subscription service or email list. This site does not capture or store any of your personal information.

This site does not represent any of the channels it may link to.

This site does not provide official trading information and the creators are not trained trading professionals nor are they licensed financial advisors. Do you own research before making trading decisions and always get advice from approved, licensed professionals.

This site and its creators will not accept any liability for any money lost as a result decisions taken based on the content provided on this site.

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